Help -Me

Is the unsordid story of a meeting between two outcasts. Life in the street is difficult, but they keep the joy of life, a twinkle in their eye, love for others and hope for help to come.Visual theatre and clown, accompanied by a puppet.
Press reviews« Che Cirque has mastered the art of making the little things count ; the decorations are made from garbage finds, the numbers are made with bits of cardboard, the poetry pushes through the cracks in the pavement ».

“Help Me” A little support in this world of bullies. NEWSPAPER « Le Soir » Supl.MAD. (8/21/2018)

« Using mime and games of skill, being both clown and bike balancer, the talented Juan Cersosimo (former BMX champion), accompanied by his puppet Edward, uses all the tricks of the circus to win over the audience and demonstrates, with finesse and humor, a beautiful moment of humanity. »

Technical Sheet

  • Street / Tent
  • Duration: 45 min
  • Stage Area: 8m x 8m
  • Floor must be hard and flat
  • Set-Up: 45 min
  • Take-Down: 35 min
  • All Audiences
  • Visual, no talking
  • Lightingneeded for evening shows
  • 220 volt