Taming shifted and music do it yourself

Since the bankruptcy of his circus and after working 10 years in KALASA bicycle factory, Riju tries to get back on stage. Along with Juki, the two try to get back in action. Circus has always been their passion but the lack of money obliges them to reduce costs so much so that the show must be made by only the two of them, some wheels and bikes.

Created by : Juan Manuel Cersosimo & Ricardo Depine // Staging : Tom Roos // Coach manipulation, juggling : Toon Schuermans // Set Design/decor : Ruben Aranda & Bruno Renson // Photos : Anne France de Lavareille. Video Art: Estudio Soma (Buenos Aires).

Technical Sheet.

• Outdoors, Big Tops
• Length: 45 min
• PerformingSpace: 10m x 10m (ideal)
• Floorshouldbe flat and hard (important)
• Height: 6m (minimum)
• Set up: 1H10
• Take down: 45 min
• General public
• Visual and withoutwords
• Lightingrequired in evening shows
• 220 volts.

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Juan Manuel Cersosimo
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