Loco Loco

Walk act. Clown impro all terrain.

After many years of intense training in circus, clown and theatre coupled with 10 years of street performances in more than 15 countries, Che Cirque brings an explosive cocktail of clown improvisations, objects manipulations, puppets and top level circus techniques.

Laughter and improvisations are at the core of Che Cirque’s menu for the joy of all spectators and passers by who will be surprised by a ‘clownesque’ character full of naivety, madness and tenderness.
This fantastic street clowning show utilizes different circus disciplines like juggling, acrobatics, monocycle etc. Ideal for any type of indoor or outdoor events, festivals, parties, etc.

Created by : Juan Manuel Cersosimo Photos : Anne-France de Lavareille

Technical Sheet.

• 4 to 5 acts of 30 min. each
• Walkact
• General Public
• Visual, withoutwords
• No special technical needs

ASBL Che Cirque & Theater

(1030) Bruxelles.Belgium

Juan Manuel Cersosimo
Tel: +32 22-45–95-64 || Cel: +32 484-787-001