10/11 Espace Pôle Nord, Banc Essai “La Plage” Cie ZIVA (B)


Résidence de Création en Argentine, Estudio MOVAQ. Spectacle “Tinkuy”, rencontre des cultures.


16 Bulbeuses en fête au jardin des vetumne, CC.Andenne. “Porte à Porte”.(B)

21 Fête Jeunesse Laïque Evere. Salle Brel “Aide-Moi”(B)


10 « La marionnette est  dans la place » à la Place Verte, Tournai. « Porte à Porte »(B)

14 Festival des Arts de Seneffe. « Aide-Moi »(B)

27 Festival « Les oiseaux de passage » à Lentilléres, Ardeche. JUMP ! (F)


04 Fête de Lumiéres à Herstal. « Loco-Loco ». (B)

10 Festival divers et d’été. Clermont de l’Oise. JUMP ! (F)

11Festival divers et d’été. Clermont de l’Oise. JUMP ! (F)

18 Festival BXL Tour. BGE. Kalasa (deambulatoire) (B)


02 Festival Bondoro, Lac Balaton, Hungrie. “Kalasa”


05 Festival Théâtre Royal de Spa. « Aide-Moi » (B)

14  à Oostende. « Kalasa » (B)

23 « La marionnette est  dans la place » à la Place Verte, Tournai. « Porte à Porte »(B)


09 Fête de la Jeunesse de Bruxelles. « Loco-Loco ».

The Company

The Che Cirque company emerged from a desire to combine circus techniques, clowning and movement theatre. It explores the different forms of theatre and street art through street shows, walkabouts and stage performances.

The goal of this company is to be able to play in front of the largest audiences, using just simple, universal, wordless humour. Each new creation offers whole new worlds, soundscapes and poetry, with playful, clumsy, sensitive characters, in search for a direct and collaborative relationship with the audience.

Always with a generous dose of humour, our company offers different techniques like acrobatic bicycle, juggling, object manipulation, puppetry and acrobatics, all put to use in various universes in which the characters can evolve.

In each creation, Juan is both author and performer. He uses his life experiences to construct each scenario and gets inspiration from modern reality, memories from his childhood, his travels, encounters, events that marked him, every show is a part of his life.

« Help-Me »

Is the unsordid story of a meeting between two outcasts. Life in the street is difficult, but they keep the joy of life, a twinkle in their eye, love for others and hope for help to come.

Wild clown, juggling, acrobatic bicycle

A washed up boxer with dreams to becoming a superhero invite us into his world of poetry, emotions and circus.

Taming shifted and music do it yourself

Since the bankruptcy of his circus and after working  10 years in KALASA bicycle factory, Riju tries to get back on stage. Along with Juki, the two try to get back in action.

Walk act. Clown impro all terrain.

Che Cirque brings an explosive cocktail of clown improvisations, objects manipulations, puppets and top level circus techniques.

ASBL Che Cirque & Theater

(1030) Bruxelles.Belgium

Juan Manuel Cersosimo
Tel: +32 22-45–95-64 || Cel: +32 484-787-001 

Pro Space

Here you can download for each show: Technical sheet, pictures HD, press folder, etc.